Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Paper Exhibition: Coffee with the Artists

Las Manos Gallery hosted "Coffee with the Artists" as part of October's Paper Exhibition.

This month's show features artists Benjamin Bauman, Doug Stapleton, Eric Garcia, Wendy Kawabata, John Mosher, C. Ben Rosecrans, Jonas Criscoe, Lindsey Clark-Ryan, Mark Pease, Matthew Best, John McCaughey, Michael McGuire, Nathan Torrence, Robert Burnier, Tricia Rumbolz.

Show runs September 17 - October 9th, 2011

"When the Coyotes Come Home" by Jonas Criscoe

The "Constellating" Series by Wendy Kawabata.

A close-up of one of Wendy Kawabata's Constellating pieces.
Pencil on paper.

Benjamin Bauman's Untitled series.

Graphite on paper by Bauman.

Michael McGuire stands with his "Untitled" piece of india ink on cardboard.

Doug Stapleton with a few of his collages at the Paper Exhibition.

Tricia Rumbolz holds Pablo the gallery pooch while standing in front of her piece titled "Primary and Secondary Colored Lines on 364 colors"

Robert Burnier sits with his piece titled "Fractorial 3" on yupo paper and conservation tape. The piece is bellow the pencil on paper drawings by Wendy Kawabata.

Nathan Torrence stands with his Untitled series of pen on tracing paper.

Torrence's piece of pen on tracing paper.

John McCaughey's "Translation" consisting of latex paint, acrylic, newspaper & silkscreen on paper.

C. Ben Rosecrans's "Untitled SL 1.50-SL 4.50," mixed media on paper.

Eric Garcia's "Tamale Man #4," a silk screen.

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